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Inventory Management Solutions

Inventory Management can help with several issues in your facility. Do you need to add visibility to item usage? Would you like better inventory security? With JIS Inventory Management Solutions, we create a custom turnkey solution for your business. Our dedication to your needs is evident when you're our Partner in Productivity!




The JIS Advantage

As a family-owned company under the same roof as an industry-leading manufacturer, we understand the importance of a reliable,service-focused distributor. We guarantee to keep you running - and make sure you do so efficiently. As Ohio's largest, most technical distributor, we can offer solutions to lower your operating costs. JIS differentiates itself from the competition by providing Supply, Service, and Inventory Management Solutions to help your business grow!

Dedicated Account Management

  • Daily transaction monitoring
  • Our team can analyze your historical item usage & make recommendations
  • ​Customized cost savings reviews









Service & Technical Support

  • Staff trained to respond quickly, assuring limited disruptions in service
  • All repairs are done in-house - no lengthy downtime!
  • Over 100 years of combined on-hand shop experience employed to provide cost savings & process improvements


Usage Tracking

  • Control & monitor staff's access to supplies
  • Real-time access to tool consumption data
  • Customized reports specific to individual needs


Technical Training & Education

  • Better trained employees lead to better production, cost savings & higher quality products
  • Partner with leading lines to provide on-site training at no cost


Free Delivery

  • Your products are delivered & loaded into your machine for no additional charge
  • Delivered on a scheduled day
  • JIS personnel manage receiving and replenishment in a vending machine



Custom Vending Solutions

As Your Partner in Productivity, JIS offers custom vending solutions as an additional inventory management solution. We are proud to provide various revolutionary industrial vending solutions to your shop. Our partnership with AutoCrib and Cribmaster allows us to connect you with the highest quality, most efficient, and secure way to manage your inventory. Since 2002 JIS has been distributing industrial vending solutions to shops across the midwest.






Does your shop need a more accessible and efficient way of managing its inventory? JIS Express eliminates ordering discrepancies due to communication errors among team members. By utilizing award-winning technology, JIS Express revolutionizes your shop's inventory management. Immediately benefit from instant ordering capabilities, JIS Express makes inventory management as easy as 1 - 2- 3!




How the process works:

  1. Employee presses JIS Express button when an item is low
  2. An email is triggered to a predetermined employee for confirmation
  3. Once confirmed, your order is sent to JIS & delivered on your scheduled IMS delivery day





The newest addition to the JIS Express family of inventory management solutions is the Pallet Pad, an industrial fluid measurement device. The JIS Express Pallet Pad allows the effortless reorder of your most essential industrial fluids. It is a part of the JIS Express line of solutions due to its instant order capabilities. Never run out of the fluids your shop needs most with the JIS Express Pallet Pad. This is just one of the many ways JIS continues to Keep You Going!

How the process works:

  1. Employee use fluids, until container, reaches designated weight
  2. An email is triggered to a predetermined employee for confirmation
  3. Once confirmed, your order is sent to JIS & delivered on your scheduled IMS delivery day

JIS is dedicated to supporting your shop; we strive to offer the highest quality and most efficient inventory management solutions available. These are just some of the ways that we help Keep You Going!